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About Karite Beauty

Karite Beauty was created in 2017 by the Danish chemist and a mother, who through many years had struggled with problematic sensitive skin amongst her children. Realizing the harsh and somewhat hurtful compositions found in most body and skincare products on the market, even though these products where marketed as based on organic sensible ingredients, she decided to create her own products. She used her skincare and chemistry background to go back in time and rediscover and reformulate ancient beauty and skincare remedies, based on one of the oldest and richest fruits, the shea fruit. Shea butter of the Karite tree, has been the secret weapon in the beauty arsenal of women in Africa for thousands of years, hereof the name. Karite Beauty's products nourish, enrich and elevate but never gives false promises. Our products are based on pure all organic ingredients inspired by nature's diversity and local cultures from all around the world. We have developed soothing products for all skin types free of chemicals, parabens and perfumes, which effectiveness is based solely on the goodness of mother earth for comfortable and great looking skin and a clean consciousness.